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People are complicated but relationships don't have to be. There is a simple formula for a happy marriage and a happy life. Over the last nine years, I have done extensive research in this area and I have helped thousands of couples. These couples are living the marriage of their dreams! There are tried and true secrets to creating an extraordinary marriage.... and they are only a click away. And it's all free!
Success Stories

"He is a real showman. It doesn't hurt that he is extremely handsome and really knows how to work the crowd. My phone has been ringing off the hook, with people asking when am I bringing him back."

Gloria Max, Executive Director Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties, Florida

"Pamensky is clearly an exceptional talent. I was struck by his material, presentation, and personality. He's hyperkinetic, engaging, very, very smart, and leaves you with practical tools. His message is ready to be packaged for tens of millions of people."

Len Leider, President
AOL Time Warner Ventures

" Rabbi Pamensky helped me identify and clarify the aspects of my life that are really important to my marriage. When I compare my life today to my life one year ago, the difference is remarkable."

Janice B.
Toronto, Canada
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Happy Wife Seminar
This flagship seminar is the secret to your happiness in marriage. You will learn easy to use strategies for creating a life-long, passionate relationship filled with personal fulfillment, growth and fun.
Feeling Lonely
Are you feeling lonely in your marriage? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse, as if you are almost living separate lives?
In the Bedroom
Intimacy between a husband and wife is a great gauge of the general emotional health of the marriage. It is almost impossible to have a problem-free life in the bedroom,
If you are married, you will fight about money. Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck, or you have millions in the bank, you will argue about money.
Do you feel that you have given your marriage away to your parenting? Do your children leave you very little energy, time and patience for your marriage?
Do you feel that you are just not being listened to? Are you feeling that you are not being understood? Communication is the most important ingredient to create a successful marriage.
Conflict Resolution
Most couples have never learned the skill of conflict resolution. Therefore, when issues come up, they stir up emotions like silt at the bottom of a pond, clouding the real issue